Armed Security Officer G License Training in Tampa

Armed Security Officer G License Training in Tampa – While hiring unarmed guards is popular, there are many circumstances that require an armed security officer.

Armed Security Officer G License Training in Tampa

It’s no secret that here in Florida, many individuals are armed. But keep in mind, many unarmed security personnel are highly trained and very professional.  The simple presence of security guards is often the best deterrent.
But there are security jobs that often hire armed security officers such as 24 hour retail, healthcare, banking, jewelers, artwork and protection of money or valuable objects which may be targets for armed robbers.
These jobs are higher paying and when they are available here in Florida, you must possess a valid “G” Security License.

Armed Security Officer G License Training in Tampa at ESS Global

G License Training in Tampa Florida
To work armed security in Florida, you are required to complete the Florida Statewide Firearms License Course. The ESS Global Corporation, Department of Education approved Florida G License Classes in Tampa is the best way to acquire the required firearms training course you must complete to work as an armed security guard.
As stated in the Florida Private Investigator Handbook, an applicant for a Florida Class “G” Statewide Firearm license must have a minimum of twenty-eight (28) hours of range and classroom training within the past (12) months.  This training must be taught and administered by a Class “K” Firearms Instructor.
In addition to lesson instruction and live fire training, you will be walked through the State application step-by-step to ensure that the Class “G” license application is complete and filled out properly.
Students that pass the final exam and range qualification will be given a proof of completion certificate to provide to the State when they apply for the Class “G” license.
Graduates that are issued a Florida Class “G” license must return once per year to complete annual re-qualification to retain their license. ESS has you covered there as well.

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