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Florida Church Security Tampa, Orlando and More

We are saddened by recent church violence events and our thoughts and prayers are with the families of the deceased.
Over 420 people have died in incidents involving deadly force at churches and other faith organizations in America since 1999, as detailed by noted church security expert Carl Chinn and reported in a 2013 issue of SBC LIFE, the journal of the Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee. If you’ve followed the news the past two years, you know that number has risen dramatically.
The biggest trigger in church violence over the last 16 years is “Domestic Spillover”. This is when domestic relationship violence finds it’s way onto ministry property resulting in a deadly force incident. The second most common reason for church violence is “Random Acts” which describes the tragedy in Charleston, SC.
The SBC Life article recommended ways churches can protect themselves against violent intruders.

  • Perform a professional security analysis for activities throughout the week and at services.
  • Assess unmonitored entryways to the church on Sundays or during other activities including day care, Bible studies, and more where someone could enter and hide.
  • Consider hiring a security firm to provide armed security during all church events.

Carl Chinn also stated recently, “If you still have time to be on the security team after making sure your own house is in order, then you can look around your church to see if any friends or relatives of ‘Bozo Thug’ are around you. There are plenty of them in our society. Empty-eyed mindless little rats looking for an opportunity to get their name in the paper.”
Faith-based organizations must increase their awareness of, and preparation for, criminal hazards capable of compromising their primary ministry purpose.
8-2 Update
This post is barely a week old and the national news has reported two church bombings that seem to  be related http://essglobalcorp.com/ess/wq4l7  as well as a stabbing in a church in Maryland that has resulted in one death.  http://essglobalcorp.com/ess/7mn3w 
Are churches the new “soft target”?


and let’s talk about “faith-based” church security.