Defense Tactics Training in Florida

If you are looking for the best close quarters, hand-to-hand defense tactics training in Florida, ESS Global Corp offers D.O.E. approved protection training in Tampa and Orlando.

Defense Tactics Training in Florida – Tampa and Orlando

bodyguard training in DallasThis course takes a look at self defense and hand-to-hand tactics as it relates to the Executive Protection and Bodyguard industry.  Our instructors will breakdown various methods of defense in an effort to educate you on how you can better protect your client and yourself.
As criminals, fans, disgruntled employees, and others become more brazen, there are more likely to go after celebrities, businessmen, executives, politicians, athletes, and VIP’s. Objectives vary. It could be opposing political views, collect a ransom, rob, get revenge, make a name for themselves, or many other reasons that can result in injury or death of your client. Today, a professional bodyguard/executive protection specialist, needs the very best training to endure the safety of those under threat they are protecting.

As any graduate from our D.O.E. Certified Executive Protection Training will tell you, brandishing a firearm is not the solution to every confrontation, but rather taking action first will always beat reacting last.

Defense Tactics in Florida – Hand-to-Hand Close Quarters Combat Training

In this course, you will be taught how to defend yourself and your client when you are either armed or unarmed.  You will also be taught how to fend off attackers that are either armed or unarmed.  And finally, most importantly, you will be taught how to administer proper body cover to your client during an attack and evacuate them quickly to safety.  Body cover is exactly that, using your body as a shield to cover and protect your client.  Remember, you are being paid to protect your client at all costs!

ESS Global BodyguardsThis class is an absolute must for those that are serious about success in the Executive Protection/Bodyguard industry.

Please ask us about our group rates, private classes, referrals and discounts for: military, law enforcement, firemen, EMT/paramedics and security officers with either D or G license.
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