Florida Construction Site Security

Florida Construction Site Security – Property and materials protection 24/7 – Trespass protection – Prevent losses with professional site security from ESS.

Florida Construction Site Security

Florida Construction Site Security
Construction is booming in Florida.
Unfortunately so is construction site theft and vandalism. 
And it’s not just the big commercial projects. Construction sites, especially in residential zones can face destruction of specialized and expensive equipment as well as materials and supplies. The damage caused, in some cases, can be due to troublemakers eager to make just make your life more difficult, or be a total loss due to thieves. This destruction increases the expense of both your project and insurance rates, as well as putting you behind schedule.
The bottom line is if you are a contractor with inadequate security plans, you are a target.
ESS construction site security guards will patrol your site at any time of day or night, record detailed logs and be a visible deterrent to theft and loss.
ESS Global security guards are specifically trained for construction site security. And according to your needs and preferences, they can be unarmed security or armed security.

Florida Construction Site Security – ESS 

Florida Construction Site Security 2
While every job is customized to your needs and specifications, some highlights of the ESS Global Site Protection Program are;

  • Agents are armed or unarmed, licensed, bonded and insured.
  • All Agents are trained in First Aid and CPR
  • All Agents report direct to client, appropriate law enforcement, fire departments, etc.
  • 24/7 Protection

ESS Global Corp can create a customized, strategic, affordable plan for protective services at your commercial or government construction site. We have experience dealing with both internal and external security threats that is unmatched in construction site security in Florida. Construction Site theft and vandalism is more than a nuisance, it can be very expensive and put you behind schedule as well.
Trained, professional security consultants can provide much more protection than cameras and monitoring can ever accomplish, such as

  • Deter theft of construction equipment, tools and materials
  • Deter vandalism on site
  • Control all visitors to the job site during operational hours
  • Maintain a list of all vehicles, deliveries, and visitors to the site
  • Vehicle and/or foot patrol of job site during both op and non-op hours
  • Secure entrance and exit areas of site during non-operational hours
  • Maintain watch over site equipment during non-operational hours
  • Guard office trailers 24/7
  • Inspection of fencing and surrounding perimeter for security breaches
  • And Much More

Planning a job?

Plan on protection from ESS Global.