Training and Hiring Veterans at ESS Global Corp

Here at ESS Global Corporation we take pride in honoring our military veterans. We like training and hiring veterans at ESS Global Corp, since military skills blend in nicely with security and protection. We are extremely thankful for what they do for this country. While we are blessed to live in the United States of […]

Executive Protection / Bodyguard School in Florida

ESS Global Corp is the only Executive Protection / Bodyguard School in Florida licensed by the Florida Department of Education. Additionally, our course is the only licensed course in the state. The security industry is growing exponentially, both nationally and here in Florida, and there’s no better way to be trained than by ESS Global […]

Take-down during ESS Global Corp Executive Training

Florida Close Protection/Bodyguard Training

Elite Security Services offers Florida Close Protection/Bodyguard Training, and is the only Executive Protection School in Florida licensed through the Florida Department of Education. ESS Global is also in the process of becoming Post 9/11 GI Bill approved by the Department of Veteran Affairs. (UPDATE 12-23-16 ESS Global Executive Protection Training is now approved by […]

Back to Basics! Really?

So here we are again. Just when you think it wont happen to you, or you say to yourself, “I don’t know anyone that has had an accident. We all hear the stories and see all the pictures on the web, we even watch the videos of DEA agents actually teaching others on gun safety […]

advanced executive protection training in tampa

Where’s Your Head At?

So you are all high-speed now, you have a 1.75 inch belt, desert tan ball cap with Velcro patch. You have Sabre Red Pepper, tactical knife, and you’ve mounted torches to your waist; one in the front and a tactical back up in the rear! Remember what your instructor said during training: “two is one, […]

Which Defensive Tactics Work Best?

This is a question that defensive tactics experts and instructors have debated and continue to debate. But, in reality, the answer is simple. I don’t care what defensive tactics or martial arts discipline you train in or feel that you have mastered, the answer is the same. ALL experienced executive protection agents will agree that […]

Be a student of everyone you can!

There are training courses where you lay foundations and then there are courses where you actually put walls up and hang drywall. Now if you know anything about building a house, you will know that building walls and hanging drywall secures and holds the home together. We have learned over the years that diversifying you’re […]

Executive Protection falls under Class D security, Good or Bad?

At ESS Global Corp, much like the rest of the Executive Protection and Security industry, we are eagerly awaiting the day when Executive Protection will have its own license. No more wondering if you need a C, D or any other letter in the alphabet license that there is. For years, industry professionals have been […]