Christmas Season Store Security in Florida

It’s not just Black Friday. While retailers sell more during the last quarter, thieves steal more. ESS Global Christmas Season Store Security in Florida.

Black Friday and Christmas Season Store Security in Florida

christmas season store security in floridaESS Global Corp provides Black Friday and Christmas Season store security in Florida because for business owners, the holiday season brings security concerns for every type of business, big or small, service or retail.
The significant increase in customers does wonders for your bottom line and generates brand awareness that can lasts well into the new year. But there is a darker, more ominous backside to the holidays, because with these benefits comes the need to hire additional employees as well as adding additional or temporary security.

Christmas Season Store Security in Florida – ESS Global Corporation

The Holiday Season is when your store is the busiest, the your associates are the most distracted, your fitting rooms and store shelves are the most disorganized, the crowd is more agitated and it’s the time of year the police are the busiest. All of this amounts to one of the most hectic and dangerous environments a store owner will ever see.

Christmas Season Store Security in Florida – The Numbers

ESS Christmas Season Store Security in FloridaThis holiday season as your store begins to fill up, dishonest shoppers and untrustworthy seasonal employees will see it as a more appealing place to take what they’d like without stopping to pay the bill.
According to reports by Business News Daily, U.S. retailers are expected to lose close to $10 billion dollars from crime this holiday season, with nearly all of it leaking out from employee theft and shoplifting.
U.S. retailers will lose $4.7 billion through employee theft, $3.8 billion though shoplifting and $400 million through vendor and distribution, according to a study by the Center for Retail Research. These thefts rise an average of 4% a year, even though, due to online shopping, holiday foot traffic has declined over the last 6 years.


There are fewer storefront shoppers every year, yet there is more theft every year.

ESS Black Friday and Christmas Season Store Security in Florida

Without delving into the psychology of professional and casual thieves, there is one commonality every thief looks for.


Black Friday Store Security in TampaMost shoplifters are opportunistic and behave rationally.
Simply put, they are likely to refrain from stealing goods if they rationally assess that they will be caught.
Retail theft is more likely to occur where a store does not have security guards. Therefore, the mere presence of security guards is likely to deter opportunistic theft from professionals, casual thieves, or seasonal workers.

The holiday shopping season will soon be in full force. Help keep the profits in the store. Keep your holidays calm and profitable with Black Friday and Christmas Season Store Security from ESS.