Best Executive Protection Training

As the only security school in the U.S. to be certified and approved by the D.O.E., the V.A., and V.R., ESS conducts the best executive protection training.

Best Executive Protection Training

Best Executive Protection Training

  • Approved by the Veterans Administration to Accept GI Bill Benefits
  • Approved for Vocational Rehab
  • Certified by the Department of Education
  • Real World Security Experience in Over 60 Countries

The first thing you need is to choose the school. Here is where it is important to understand that when choosing a bodyguard training school, you need to be more aware of the certifications the SCHOOL has, and NOT the “certifications’ they hand you at the end of the course. This provides you a far better insight as to the quality of the training you will receive.

ESS Global uses proven methodology, derived from protective security operations and security consulting in over 60 countries around the world.  These operations have been conducted in threat environments ranging from “negligible” to “imminent”.

How many other security “schools” east of the Mississippi have D.O.E. certification and are approved to accept GI Bill Benefits?


Throw in Voc Rehab and we are the only security school in the nation with all three certifications.

If you are serious about a career in the protection industry, ESS has a serious course for you.

The Best Executive Protection Training – 28 Day Residency

GI Bill Approved Bodyguard Training - Michigan 28 Day MEGA

The ESS Global 28-Day Executive Protection “Mega” Course is a series of comprehensive protection training modules developed by ESS Global and approved by the D.O.E. This month-long executive protection training is for civilians, law enforcement and military personnel who wish to pursue a career in corporate security or protective services domestically or abroad.

This 28 day training provides the very best, most relevant training available including; 

  • Executive Protection Certification
  • Advanced Executive Protection Certification
  • Threat Assessment & Security Advance Tactics Certification
  • GI Bill Approved Close Protection Training - D.O.E. ApprovedMotorcade Tactics Certification
  • Defensive Tactics Certification
  • CPR/AED Certification
  • Florida Concealed Weapons Certification (May be used to obtain CWP license)
  • Firearms Safety/Dry Fire Training and Methodology 
  • Collapsible Baton ASP Certification
  • OC Spray Certification GI Bill Approved Close Protection Training - ASP Certifications
  • ASP Handcuffing Certification
  • ASP Flashlight Training Certification
  • Conductive Energy Weapon Certification (Phazzer) 
  • D License Certification (Unarmed Security Officer)
  • G License Certification (Armed Security Officer)

Completely covering all the basic pillars of executive protection, this 28-day training will provide you with the basic knowledge and protection techniques commonly used by the Secret Service, and VIP and Dignitary Protection Units responsible for protecting politicians and other domestic and foreign dignitaries around the world.

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The Next Best Executive Protection Training – 3-Day Course

GI Bill Approved Bodyguard Training - Arkansas 3 day

Our ESS Global  3-Day Day Fast Start Executive Protection Training is designed for career veterans as a “refresher”, or a “must-have” for beginners in the world of executive/close protection. This D.O.E. Certified Executive Protection Training gives you a strong start in the security industry covering city, county and state government organizations, corporate security services, security agencies and private individuals.

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GI Bill Approved Bodyguard Training - New Jersey - Contact ESS

  • Executive Protection Training approved by the VA to accept GI Bill Benefits
  • Executive Protection Training approved by the D.O.E.
  • Executive Protection Training with Real-World Current Experience
  • Executive Protection Training with Active Shooter Training

Again, why would you go anywhere else?