ASP Tactical Flashlight and Handcuff Training in Tampa

ASP Tactical Flashlight and Handcuff Training in Tampa

Most every security guard and security personnel carry a flashlight and handcuffs. Learn how to properly use them and get ASP Certified March 24th in Tampa. 

ASP Tactical Flashlight and Handcuff Training in Tampa March 24th in Tampa

ASP Tactical Flashlight Training March 24 at 9:00 AM

ASP Tactical Flashlight and Handcuff Training in Tampa
Simpy put, there is more you can do with a flashlight than illuminating the darkness.
ASP Tactical Flashlight procedures are designed for everyday use by street police officers, security guards, and others in the executive protection/ close protection/ bodyguard industry.
This is a program for the street officer, security guard or bodyguard.
Easy to learn. Effective when used. Defensible in court. ASP techniques are designed to work for all , not just those with a high level of physical skill. These are honest techniques with over a decade of experience and has been proven that they work on the street, not just in the ideal environment of a classroom or gym. These techniques are simple to learn and easy to remember. ASP techniques will be used long after training has ended.

 ASP Tactical Handcuff Training March 24 at 1:00 PM

The ASP Basic Handcuff Certification (ABC) is a 4-hour, hands-on seminar which trains participants in the operational use of the hinged and chain handcuffs, as well as the proprietary ASP flex-cuffs.
The program is simple to learn and easy to understand. It provides effective mechanical restraint tactics for law enforcement and private security personnel without long hours of training. The techniques were designed to work effectively for all users, male and female, large and small, fit as well as those in less-than-peak physical condition.
The program provides portation (carrying) and presentation (drawing) procedures as well as application techniques. These tactics are quickly learned, easily practiced and readily maintained long after the program is completed.
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