Corporate Functions
Whether it is company party, seminar, gala, benefit or some type of function that will have many guests and you want to make certain that it runs smoothly without any outside interuptions or distractions, then ESS Global Corp is the right choice to ensure your peace of mind.  Our staff has years of experience working such types of events.  Our agents have the ability to easily blend in as to not draw attention to themselves or operate in a high profile so that guests know immediately that the event is being secured.  Whatever your need is, we will fulfill it.



Private Parties
Private parties are an area for which we offer our services very often.  When throwing a party, the last thing you want to have to worry about is an unruley guest.  Parties are supposed to be fun, and we make certain that yours will be.  Again, our staff is easily able to blend in and look as though they are just another guest at the party while simultaneously observing the crowd and keeping your party secure and free of distractions and unwanted scenes.  Rest assured your party will be a success as we will strive to make sure that nothing interrupts the festivities.




Security Guard Services
We are a licensed and insured security agency.  We offer security guard services for your residence, neighborhood, business or whatever your security need may be. All of our Security Officers are licensed by the state and have completed various training classes required by the state as well.  We have Officers that are licensed to perform both armed and unarmed duties.  We have available full and part-time security guards and armed security officers.  We are available to service the entire state of Florida.



Corporate Firing
Due to the decline in our economy, we have had to aid and assist in corporate firings more than expected.  While such an event is not easy on the individual being fired, it is also difficult on the employer having to fire that individual.  Unfortunately, this process often leads to a verbal, and in some cases, physical altercation.  We offer our services in an effort to prevent these altercations from happening and both parties part ways amicably.  We have operated in several different capacities during this process.  We can be in the room while the process takes place and ensure that there are no altercations between the parties, we can be in the room with the employee and conduct the business ourselves or we are there to escort the employees off property or to their vehicles to ensure safety for both sides.


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