The only licensed EP / Bodyguard school in Florida through the Department of Education.

2016 Classes


1/2  Concealed Weapons Permit (Tarpon Springs)

1/12 ASP Tactical Baton Certification (Tarpon Springs)

1/22-1/24 Executive Protection Certification (Tarpon Springs)


2/13  Concealed Weapons Permit (Tarpon Springs)

2/20 Concealed Weapons Permit (Tarpon Springs)

2/22  ASP Tactical Baton Certification (Tarpon Springs)


3/4-3/6 Executive Protection Certification (Raleigh, NC)

3/12  Concealed Weapons Permit (Orlando)

3/19  Concealed Weapons Permit (Tarpon Springs)

3/26 Concealed Weapons Permit (Tarpon Springs)


4/2-4/3  Motorcade Operations (Tarpon Springs)

4/8-4/10  Executive Protection Certification (Tarpon Springs)

4/16  Concealed Weapons Permit (Tarpon Springs)

4/23  Concealed Weapons Permit (Tarpon Springs)








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