Senior Staff

The ESS Global Corp staff is made up of highly trained agents with diverse backgrounds.  This gives us the ability to put together a team to fit any security need.  Due to the vast variety of our clientele, our staff has been chosen from all branches of the military, law enforcement and Executive Protection backgrounds enabling us to perform all operations and details with extreme precision and efficiency. 

Our Senior Agents all have a minimum of 5 years of field experience with some having upwards of 25 years.  The ESS Global Corp staff has provided security and Executive Protection with operations in over 50 countries around the globe. 

Resumes of our staff members are available upon request.

Theodore Billiris

Chief Executive Officer

University of Florida

Provided Executive Protection and led details in over 30 countries

ASI –  Executive Protection Training, Handgun Retention Course, Defensive Tactics Course

Krav Maga Worldwide, Krav Maga Training- Israeli Hand-to-Hand combat training, Level 3

Florida Class D Security License

Florida Class DI Security Instructor

Florida Class G Armed Security License

Florida Class W Concealed Weapons License

Nevada Armed Security Officer License

Hand Gun Retention Training – ASI

Defensive Tactics Training – ASI

Hand to Hand Techniques Training – ASI

NRA Basic Pistol Certification

CPR & First Aid – Through EMS Safety

ASP Certified – Baton & Handcuff

Taser Certified

MACE Certified – OC Spray

David Miller

Senior Field Agent

Executive Protection Lead Advance Agent for high profile clientele in over 30 countries

University of Alabama at Birmingham

Executive Protection Training

Advance Executive Protection Training

Threat Assessment / Security Advance Training

California Guard Card (BSIS)

California Exposed Carry (BSIS)

Florida Class W Concealed License

Florida Class D Security License

Black Belt Wato Ryu Karate

Brad Whitsett

Senior Field Agent/Instructor

United States Army

Executive Protection Training

Advanced Executive Protection Training

Threat Assessment and Security Advance Training

PSD Training

US Department of State - PSD Team - Academi

Chris Ray

Defensive Tactics Instructor

United States Navy

University Of Central Florida

Black Belt - Krav Maga

Instructor Certification - Krav Maga

Blue Belt - Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Ray Johnson

Senior Instructor

United States Air Force

Survival Equipment Specialist/Combat Control Team (CCT) Parachute Rigger

Nuclear, Biological, Chemical (NBC) Warfare Instructor

Camouflage Concealment and Deception Instructor

Combat Readiness Force (CRF) Aggressor Team Member

Deployed to Middle East for Desert Storm/Desert Shield

AO: Bahrain, Dhahran, Riyadh as (NBC) Technician/Command Post Operator

Nuclear Sniffer Team Member (USAFE)

NRA Firearms Instructor

Executive Protection Training

Threat Assessment & Advance Tactics Training

Anti-­‐Terrorism Officer Training

Bomb Threat Assessment (IED/VBIED)

Psychological Profiling and Situational Awareness Instructor

NRA Pistol, Personal Protection in the Home, Personal Protection outside the Home Instructor

Range Safety Officer

ESS Global EP Alumni

ASP Certified Instructor - Baton, Handcuff, & Tactical Flashlight

Phazzer Certified Instructor

State Certified D & G and D Licensed Instructor

Transportation Workers Identification Card (TWIC)

Defensive Edged Weapons, Gun Takeaway Trained

Class A (CDL) Hazmat

Certified CPR/First Aid BLS