Executive Protection Training in Charlotte NC

ESS Global Corp is now providing Executive Protection Training in Charlotte, NC.

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Without a doubt, one of the best things you can do to increase your chances of obtaining work as an Executive Protection Specialist, also known as a Bodyguard, VIP Protection, Close Protection and others, is to obtain the very best training.

First, it is important to understand that “officially” there is no state or federal “certification” in this field. It is not like medical boards or studying for the Bar Exam. You really can’t be “certified” or “licensed” to practice, though you may need a permit “license” to carry, but nearly any good standing, upright citizen get that. However, a few protection programs are accredited with State or Federal Department of Education, such as ESS Global Corp. What this means is that any school claiming that upon completion of their program that you are now a “Certified” or “Licensed” Protection Specialist simply means that you’ve completed that particular program’s coursework.

That being said, it is certainly meaningful when potential clients see Executive Protection course work from a reputable D.O.E. school on an individual’s resume.

Executive Protection Training in Charlotte NC

ESS Global Corp offers Executive Protection Training in Charlotte.  ESS is the only Executive Protection School in Florida licensed through the Department of Education. ESS Global is also in the process of becoming Post 9/11 GI Bill approved by the Department of Veteran Affairs.

But a pieces of paper from the D.O.E or the VA isn’t what sets us apart from everyone else.

executive protection training in charlotte

It’s the world class training we provide. ESS Global training is taught by industry professionals who have unmatched experience and knowledge in the executive protection field.  Our primary goal is to pass down our real world knowledge from our own training and experiences to our students, in an effort to best prepare them to work as a professional in the Executive Protection/Bodyguard Industry.

When you combine the D.O.E accreditation with personalized training from some of the top-rated protection experts in the world, you end up with the most powerful, comprehensive executive protection training available. Our instructors have successfully completed client protection assignments in over 60 different countries. You’ll be taught by ESS Global Executive Protection training instructors who have protected public speakers, politicians, celebrities and other high net-worth individuals around the world on a regular basis. When you throw in some retired military security experts, now you have an Executive Protection Training in Charlotte that few other organizations and “schools” can match.

Our Executive Protection Training in Charlotte covers the exact same D.O.E. syllabus as our training at the corporate headquarters in Tampa. Executive Protection/Bodyguard training classes are also held at various times of year in Orlando, Dallas, Detroit, Chicago, Las Vegas and Los Angeles as well. For companies that would like ESS Global Corp to train their agents and personnel in various disciplines, we can come and train “on-location” at your business.

If you are serious about the Executive Protection Industry, choose a serious protection school that is licensed and approved by the D.O.E.

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or email us at info@essglobalcorp.com to inquire or register for a course near you.

ESS Global also offers group rates, discounts, referrals and private classes.  ESS will take its course to you or offer private courses for groups, organizations or businesses.

If you are a veteran, please ask us about our flexible payment options.



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